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Hughesnet internet Reviews

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  • Horrible horrible service and internet. Stay away!!!

    I was promised 10 MBPS internet service by Hughesnet and signed up for a year. After install, I was getting less than 1 MBPS which isn't even dial up speed. I called for technical support and spent over three hours with them trying all sorts of things over and over. Finally I got tired and angry and demanded a supervisor. The person I talked to said it was their fault but there was nothing that could be done. So I asked to cancel my service and they said there would be a $400 early termination fee for breaking the contract. I told them the broken contract went both directions because... More...
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    slphil's Picture   slphil    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertising and Service Failure

    Hughesnet Satellite Internet is RIDICULOUS. A family member has installed Hughesnet instead of one of several other companies I suggested (against my best advice). I have used 10 gigs of a supposed 25 gig bandwidth limit in 15 days, and their online meter says I am "throttled" for so many hours and there is so many days until the roll-over. The last part was in the contract and admitted, the first was not. They advertise a 25 gig limit and throttle you (down to less than a dial-up phone modem) if you go over 10 gigs. I see why several states have class action suits against them.... More...
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    BoydAdams's Picture   BoydAdams    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hughesnet Lied!!

    I feel cheated. The whole reason I chose Hughesnet was I could take my Modem with me to both I my homes. I have a second home where I live for two months a year. This was the first question I asked and I was told "we do it all the time." The sales representative told me I could have one service for both homes, and just bring the modem whichever home I wanted service. I fully understand and was prepared to pay for two installations along which any service charges to switch between homes. Now after I have committed to a two year contract, Hughesnet has refused to honor what... More...
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    stick1025's Picture   stick1025    0 Comments   Comments
  • HughesNet sucks

    HughesNet advertizes fast internet. Don't believe it!! My original service was slower than dial-up. I paid for an upgrade and now my service is just like dial-up with occasional fast downloads. It's possible to get a 1MB download once in a while, but surfing is EXACTLY like dial-up, often slower. When you click the mouse, you wait and wait and wait. HughesNet's spoeed tests will tell you that everything is OK. That's true, but when you want to access something outside their network, don't hold your breath. More...
    RameshPradesh's Picture   RameshPradesh    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the WORST Service I've ever had. The internet service is slower than slow I was unable to load Google or even Facebook on my computer most of the time. I contacted tech support on several occasions and the problem would be fixed for a short period of time only. In a few hours the service would slow to a crawl once again. After numerous calls to tech support I cancelled the service during the trial period. This company went ahead and literally stole $400.00 from me and said it was owed the cancellation fee. I cancelled during the trial period. It's been 3 weeks since I... More...
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    chayes704's Picture   chayes704    0 Comments   Comments
  • Most horrible, unprofessional company ever!

    I had my Hughesnet service disconnected about a month ago. When I called to disconnect, I asked what I would need to send back (equipment that I leased); I specifically asked about the actual satellite, and I was told that ONLY the modem would have to be sent back.I then went to the place that I had rented and got the modem so that I could send it back. I had to remove and get rid of the satellite because this was a rental property so I could not leave anything there that I had installed and I got rid of it because seriously, why would I need a satellite that is not being used? When I... More...
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    nikilutz's Picture   nikilutz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hughesnet Internet Service

    I have Hughesnet only because there is no other option (other than moving). Everytime I see their commercials come on the tv I have to change the channel because it is total BS! Whatever you do, keep looking for another service. I will continue to do so until I find a better solution. You CANNOT watch a news video. You WILL be penalized for over usage. For example, I did not configure my laptop to download updates at a specific time and Hughesnet invoked their FAP. When I find my new internet connection solution, I will take great joy in ending my coverage and then shooting my dish. More...
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    Thor23's Picture   Thor23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Sign up! It Sucks!

    This company will screw you over again and again if you let them. The internet service they sell is far from high-speed, it is more like dial up. I had the service installed on a Friday, then Monday when I tried to VPN into my work, it would not work. I upgraded the service and still would not work. It seems that when they say you can use VPN access that it will work. Later I was told it would slow down 50-75%. I cancelled that Monday... Now I am out in excess of $200 for the install fee. Everyone you talk to has a different story or what you need to do. This sucks! Do not use them, they... More...
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    hilltop's Picture   hilltop    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid at all costs

    We have had HughesNet for 2 years because we live in a rural area that has no other ISP options besides dial-up. It has been a complete and total rip-off. The "lightning fast internet speeds" (their words) are below average at best and barely above dial-up (even when our fair access policy (FAP) allowance hasn't been exceeded) at worst. The whole FAP thing is a racket to make you pay more. I don't know of any other broadband/DSL company that has such a policy. My kids can't watch videos (for school or You Tube) because it causes us to exceed the FAP. For... More...
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    melissafred's Picture   melissafred    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst company EVER

    As if the other customer reviews weren't bad enough let me add to the pile! I have NEVER in my life dealt with such a horrible and shady company!!! Do not sign up for HughesNet even if it your only option!!! This is our story. My husband and I moved to a semi rural mountainous area of California. We were told that HughesNet was our only option for Internet service. My initial call to the customer service line (thru earthlink) was to India. I felt very very discouraged with this call because the man on the phone was speaking very fast and was very hard to understand. He kept trying to... More...
    Kellyjocline's Picture   Kellyjocline    0 Comments   Comments


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